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Comer Academy

Talented associates’ training and growth are the key to compete and to be successful in the global market place.

 For this reason, Comer Industries has created Comer Academy, an in-house school, to support its business model based on mechatronic technologies, process efficiency, internationalization and personal excellence.

Comer Academy has set these ambitious goals:

  • to increase the know-how of our staff through specific and personalized management and technology courses
  • to enhance our organization by improving the dynamics of teamwork and involving all levels of the company 
  • to make Comer Industries an essential strategic partner for the main manufacturers of agricultural, industrial machines and of energy applications worldwide.
  • to make Comer Industries a magnet in attracting the best talent on the job market today.

Head office

Comer Academy

Comer Academy

Via E. Fermi, 1
42046 Reggiolo (Reggio Emilia), Italy
E-mail: academy@comerindustries.com  


Human Resources Management, responsible for the coordination of Comer Academy activities, examines the needs of staff members and determines which course contents best match the implementation of corporate strategy and the employees’ personal growth.

According to courses’ objectives and contents, teachers can be both Comer Industries’ employees and external trainers selected from the best vocational training bodies in Italy.


In 2017, Comer Academy completed 26,107 hours of training, subdivided into 343 classroom courses and 378 on the job training (average training hours per capita: 26 hours white collars, 21 hours blue collars).

Comer Academy provides managerial, technical / specialist, IT, safety and quality training. The main topics covered in 2017 blue collars’ training concern the workplace ergonomics improvement, the WCM regulation implementation to reach the Bronze Level and the new heat treatment machines introduction. For white collars were provided courses on project management, on new procedures and new design tools, on the SAP HANA management system upgrade and on managerial soft skills.