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Comer Industries’ Social Media Policy

Social networks’ terms and conditions of use

Who and where
Comer Industries uses some of the main social media to communicate externally through the web.
This document defines the guidelines ("netiquette") for the use of social media. Such use follows Comer Industries’ Code of Practice and Conduct and current regulations.
Comer Industries’ official channels are managed by the Marketing Department.

Comer Industries’ social channels are used to inform stakeholders and public opinion in general about company's activities and to promote events and other related initiatives (international, national and local).
Textual contents, pictures, infographics, video and other multimedia materials produced by Comer Industries’ social channels can be shared on other social profiles, but they must always be credited to the original channel.
Comments and posts by users, who are always invited to provide their name and surname, represent individual opinions and not Comer Industries’ point of view; therefore, Comer Industries can’t be considered responsible for what is posted on channels by third parties.
Rules about moderation’s processes are listed in the corresponding section.

Comer Industries’ social media channels are moderated from Monday to Friday, during working hours.
Comer Industries encourages polite, relevant and respectful conversations.
A prior moderation on channels is not considered: everyone can participate to express a free opinion, always following the good manners and respect for others. Posts and comments that violate the conditions set out in this document will be promptly removed.

Insults, obscene language, threats or attitudes that adversely affect people's dignity and institutions’ respectability, the rights of minorities and children, the principles of freedom and equality will not be tolerated. In particular:
• contents that promote, encourage or perpetuate discrimination based on sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, creed, age, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, nationality, physical or mental disabilities or sexual orientation;
• contents contrary to decency and morality;
• sexual contents or links to sexual contents;
• trade solicitations;
• conduct or encouragement of illegal activities;
• information that may compromise security, or security of public systems;
• contents that violate the interests of a legal property or third parties;
• comments or post presenting sensitive data in violation to the Italian privacy law.

Moreover, following types of comments and contents are discouraged as well as moderated:
• comments not relevant to that particular topic (off topic);
• comments for or against political campaigns or voting intentions;
• offensive language or contents;
• comments and posts written to disrupt the discussion or offend those who manage and moderate social channels;
• spam;
• comments written repeatedly.

Comer Industries reserves the right to remove any content that is considered in violation of this social media policy or any applicable law. The company reserves the right to ban or block users who would violate these conditions (or those contained in its policies) to prevent further comments. Moreover, the company may report those users to the supervisors of the social media channel and possibly to the police in charge.

The processing of personal data follows the policy in use on the platforms. Sensitive data provided in comments or posts published within Comer Industries’ social channels will be removed (see Moderation’s section). Data shared by users through private messages sent directly to Comer Industries’ channels will be treated according to Italian privacy laws.