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The modern and innovative design, the compact construction and the excellent performance characteristics of the PLANETARY DRIVES OF PGR SERIES make these especially suitable either for driving wheeled or tracked self-propelled vehicles ( T and W version ) and for hoisting equipment and winches ( H version ).
Products’ features include:

- Up to 3 stage reduction, up to 110,000 Nm output torque
- Integrated SAHR parking brake
- Broad range of gear reduction ratios
- Optional manual disengage, for vehicle quick towing
- Various mounting dimensions


The innovative, high power density design of the PGR series is ideal for heavy-duty use, guaranteeing at the same time a compact, flexible, interchangeable, and robust solution, which satisfies the technical requirements and the growing needs of leading global manufacturers.


Comer Industries PGR series, offering planetary gearboxes up to 110,000 Nm of output torque, is the appropriate solution either for tracked vehicles, like crawling forestry machines and trencher, but also optimal for winches and milling applications, allowing the company to increase its commercial offer and its presence in the mobile market.

All the wheel drives offer:
  • 3 planetary drive stages
  • a wide range of ratios, from about 60 to 210, for various applications
  • the possibility to adapt to all of the most common axial piston motors from 28 to 160 cm3 in a cartridge version or SAE assembly, with fixed or variable displacement
  • negative parking brake (SAHR), able to withstand the maximum output torque. Brake releases at pressure of 15-30 bar, preventing the client from adding a pressure reducer valve to the hydraulic circuit
  • disconnection option: this optional device makes it possible to mechanically disconnect the kinematic scheme of the drive from the hydraulic motor when necessary; easy to access and very useful for servicing the machine in the field in case of a system error, this option can replace the bypass option normally fitted in the hydraulic motor  



PGRF SERIES Service Manual

Planetary Travel & Hoist Drives

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Planetary Drives

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