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According to the Italian Law Decree 231/2001, regulating the responsibility of bodies corporate, Comer Industries has endowed itself with a Code of Practice and Conduct.
This document clearly defines the undertakings and the responsibilities of Comer Industries as regards the conduction of business and corporate activities to ensure the effective management of transactions and human relations.

The Code of Practice and Conduct ensures correctness, transparency and impartiality of operations, transactions and in all cases of potential conflict of interests. It safeguards the clarity of information, diligence in carrying out duties and executing contracts, and the integrity of individuals.

 With this document, Comer Industries undertakes to promote a culture of safety, fostering the awareness of risks and promoting responsible behavior on the part of all its collaborators. 

Comer Industries Code of Practice and Conduct was approved by the Board of Directors on 19/12/2008.


Code of Practice and Conduct - English Version

Code of Conduct and Practise - Chinese Version

Código ético e de comportamento - Versão em Português

Comer Industries' Code of Conduct and Practise is also available in French and German. Please visit the corresponding websites to download these versions.